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Therapeutic Massage Therapy

Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

Below is a list of the various modalities I use during my massages. No one session is the same, as I like to employ specific techniques that best fit the clients needs during the session.

Deep Tissue Massage: Targets chronic patterns of holding with slow deep strokes and targeted pressure most often with a finger, thumb or elbow.

Swedish Massage: A combination of long, gliding strokes, kneading, tapping and stretching to relax and increase blood flow to the muscles.

Trigger Point Therapy: Uses focused pressure to dissolve specific trigger points (which often feel like “knots”) on the body to help relieve muscle dysfunction.

Myofasicial Release : A light, sustained pressure applied to the skin in order to elicit elongation and release of constrictions in the body’s fascia, or connective tissue.

Orthopedic Massage : Combines the use of medical and sports massage to help relieve soft tissue pain and help aid in healing specific injuries.

Cross-Fiber Friction Massage: A deep friction stroke used to make scar tissue more pliable and break up adhesions on tendons and ligaments.

Reciprocal Inhibition hnique used to initiate the client to activate a muscle in order to force the relaxation of the opposing muscle in dysfunction


1 hour session: $100.00
1.5 hour session: $150.00
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I accept cash, check and credit card (through Square) at the completion of the appointment. 

 Off-site Massage

I do consider off-site massage, depending on the location and situation. Because it takes time and effort out of my working day, a $20.00 charge per visit is added to the treatment cost. I encourage booking double appointments with loved ones or friends to help defray the off-site cost. Please contact me directly for further inquiry or to book an appointment. Booking online is reserved for office appointments only.

If you want to book an appointment outside of my regular schedule or are requesting an at home massage, please contact me directly at:

 phone: 408-508-9600



I am also available for corporate events. Please contact me at the above email to discuss special pricing.