Balance by B
Therapeutic Massage Therapy

About the Practitioner


I am a certified and licensed deep tissue massage therapist who has been working in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 10 years. I specialize in treating clients with chronic pain and stiffness, neck and low back pain, hip and shoulder joint issues, sports injuries, repetitive stress issues, and common everyday injuries.

I am sensitive to each of my client’s pain threshold and go no further than what the body can handle and what is necessary. If you tense up from the work being done, chances are that the therapist is working too deep for your body to handle. If I were working that deeply, your body would be fighting against me and it would mean double the effort for me to help you and your muscle let go. Don’t get me wrong, I do know how to go deep and have the strength and the tools to do it!

I believe in a whole body approach. Local pain and injury may well originate from an imbalance from another part of the body, so it is important to look at the entire body. Getting the big picture helps to tackle the problem and help to stop the patterns the client is making to create the imbalance in the first place.

I employ a variety of modalities to my massages which include influences from my studies in Swedish Massage, Myofascial release, Clinical Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Prenatal Massage, Thai massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Reciprocal Inhibition and Orthopedic massage. I have worked on athletes to office workers, delicate frames to the robust, and the young to the old. I welcome your challenges and those wanting to gain more understanding on how their own miraculous body behaves!